All cakes from Cakeography are custom made to the customer's desires. The amount of time put into each cake is dependent upon the size and detail required by the client .  Some cakes may be baked and designed in one day and others may take several days.  Due to this discrepancy and the amount of time required, each cake is priced based off of a Tier System and the amount of servings, using Wilton's cake cutting guide.  The size of standard party cake servings are 1.5"x2".  The below serving chart provides a means for determining a baseline price, but does not account for the amount of hours put into each cake.  Call or email for actual price.

                                                    Purse Cake

                                               Purse Cake

*All cakes are decorated using fondant*
*Call for serving sizes larger than those listed*
*Delivery is negotiable*

Tier System
LV1 = Simple decorated cake with border and message or printed decoration = $3.00 per serving
LV2 = Moderately decorated cakes to include handcrafted flowers, letters, bows, etc. or stacked/tiered cakes = $4.00 per serving
LV3 = Highly detailed, carved and sculpted cakes = $5.00 per serving

Serving Chart
                   Sheet Size                        2"x2" Serving Size
      9x13                                    24  
    11x15                                  35
        12x17                                  50    

Approximate number of servings 1.5"x2"

Pan Size                        Round                         Square
 6 inch                             12                                   12
 8 inch                             20                                   20
 9 inch                             24                                   24
10 inch                            28                                   30
12 inch                            40                                   48
14 inch                            63                                   63
16 inch                            77                                   80

Cupcakes are made in batches of 24 and start at $60.